You still haven’t seen the Harlem Shake of health and safety?

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The Harlem Shake is an Internet phenomenon based on viral videos, which began to gain popularity in late January 2013, following the release of a video on YouTube created by comedian blogger Filthy Frank.

These videos usually start with a masked person dancing to Harlem Shake alone for 15 seconds, while all around there are many individuals who are not paying attention. With the change of pace there is a cut and suddenly the whole crowd starts doing some things worth seeing in person.

The viral success is attributed to the funny contrast between the two scenes, everyday environments in which it occurs, and its short duration.

This innocent pastime allows participants to escape their routine and generate sociability, since in many cases, it is not between a group of friends but a massive concentration of strangers who come together for a common goal, as is our present case.

In late May, at a meeting of Well-Being of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health   (FIOH), the following happened …

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