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logo_prevencontrolIt is a pleasure for us to invite you to the English version of PrevenBlog.

Here, you will find our daily posts about Occupational Safety&Health, corporate environment and quality, road safety, innovation and information technologies applied to QHSE, but with a positive attitude and fun mood.

Unfortunately, 11-S will always bring bad memories to all of us, but we have intentionally chosen this date to make our intention clear from the beginning: In PrevenBlog we like to turn things upside-down and take complete advantage of it in order to improve the world.

Therefore, the first thing we are sharing with you is “the Harlem Shake of Safety and Health”.

Harlem Shake is a phenomenon of the Internet based on viral videos, which started to get popularity at the en of january 2013, after the launching in Youtube of a video by comedian and blogger Filthy Frank.

These videos use to start with a masked person who dances alone the piece “harlem shake” for 15 seconds, while around him there are lots of people not paying attention. When the rhythm changes there is a cut and suddenly the whole crowd starts to do things that worths to be seen.

The viral success is due to the amusing contrast between images, the common scenes in which happens and its short duration.

This simple pastime allows the participants to leave behind the routine and generate sociability, since in many cases it is not between friends but in a crowded concentration of strangers joined for a common aim, as shown in the example.

At end of may, in a well-being meeting of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (FIOH), happened the following….

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