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In a previous post I talked about the MacGyvers of prevention, a post inspired by the inventions of television’s MacGyver, who was able to build a small engine with a piece of spearmint gum and a pencil.  At that time, we saw many of his students judging by the clever resources applied to health and safety. Now we leave you with a second edition of this museum of shoddy work:

1. The cardboard mask:


2. The wheelbarrow helmet:


3. The plastic bag mask:


4. The bucket helmet:


5. The bottle sandals:


6. The newspaper mask:

Máscara periódico

7. The brand new helmet:


8. The sun hat helmet:


Beyond the small license that we give ourselves to be sympathetic, we denounce these images that seriously endanger the lives of workers. Most are images from underdeveloped countries where the ingenuity of the workers outweigh the material that is facilitated them to work. There is much to be done, and that is why we celebrate the emergence of initiatives such as the NGO Workplace Health Without Borders, WHWB, recently established, which we learned about through the magazine Erg@nline of INSHT.

This NGO has as its main objectives:

  • Involve volunteers in improving occupational health in regions of the world with populations of workers who are not attended to properly.
  • Provide workers and employers technical assistance, training and skills development to help them develop the capacity and infrastructure to manage and improve health conditions in their workplaces.
  • Be able to help NGOs serving communities and workplaces in developing countries to integrate health at work on their projects.

We have already joined the NGO, and you, are you in?



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