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When we talk about themes associated to occupational sphere, almost always we tend to do it from the employee’s point of view and not from the boss or superior perspective. Why? Surely because all we have been workers some time of our life, and not everybody achieves to arrive to higher positions.

“However, we can’t evade the fact that managers, coordinators, superiors and supervisors have also big headaches that bring them to stress and fatigue situations”.

That’s what happens when they have to deal with a situation in which efficiency and productivity levels are not good enough for the company’s results. In some occasions, the cause has relation with worker’s lack of motivation, and as those employees don’t achieve the expected results, they become a source of concern for their managers. How to deal with this situation?


Then, here we have the seven keys that all responsible with workers in charge have to follow to manage cases like mentioned before. Implementing these advices, published on the magazine Forbes, people who lead teams will be able to do their tasks with a low stressful load.

  1. Listening. It’s something common that, when an employer has a worker that doesn’t offer the 100% of his capacities, the first one stops paying attention on him, something that is a mistake. Many times, just listening, we can discover what’s happening and even solving the problem that makes his work not optimal enough in his position. The annoyance with that person can’t overcome to the necessity of taking care about our workers need. After all, we are humans.
  2. Setting up some feed back. Once detected the worker’s not optimal points, why not make him know about it? The feed back between an employer and his employees is necessary, and if there is something is being made in a wrong way or if it’s present a shred of  lack of motivation, the best option is make know the interested person about it. The key is how to make it, a task that any good boss has to learn to make his team work in the right way.
  3. Documenting. It’s not about spying workers at all, but if some wrong behaviours or actions are detected in one of our workers, it’s necessary to report this and put it on the record. Then, when the employer deals with the worker, it’s possible to focus efforts in the weak points we are failing and, then, improve them together.
  4. Being consistent. If some guidelines are settled up but these are not followed, the reproach attitude in front this situation has to be constant. A team leader can’t react to some non-compliance situations differently than from similar others. That makes lose credibility. He has to be consistent and if timing is established but not accomplished, the disagreement reaction has to be always the same one. Employees need to know which is the team dynamic and what actions are critical in their job. The manager is the responsible to make them know.
  5. Not talking behind someone’s back. There’s nothing worse than that. Besides, if who is levying criticism is a superior, the situation could become really disagreeable. The person affected has not to know about his boss’s displeasure by his partners, but the bosses have to be who make him know about it. Besides, what image offers a manager who criticism his employees? Awful, obviously. Before creating this kind of situation, the more logical and reasonable thing is that manager talks privately with his employee trying to find an agreement which makes everything flow between both parts.
  6. Control bad thoughts. It has no sense to think negatively about an employee and getting round the subject since that point of view. You have to try thinking positively and believe that person possibilities are good. With help or advices that worker can improve his work, not condemning him since the beginning. A good responsible has to believe in his employee’s aptitudes until the end.
  7. Be brave. In front of a miscommunication with a worker or a team, the best choice is tackle the problem at its roots and to join both parts to talk about it. Only by this way will be known the different points of view and it will be possible to work together to solve the disagreement. People understand each other by talking things, and linking efforts the job always goes well.

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