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Gamification applied to risk prevention: a really serious game

Despite gamification is based on game techniques and its name too (“game”), its application in training environment is something very serious that has just started. If you are a risk prevention professional, or a company or organization ready to start a training programme, this is something you might be interested in.   What is gamification? It’s
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Can an iPhone work as a calibrated microphone?

With the intention of study and discover apps for mobile devices which make risk prevention activities easier, I´ve seen and tested several applications allowing use the smartphone as a sound level meter. Among the tested apps, the most satisfactory for risk prevention works is in my opinion, SoundMeter by Faber Acoustical, available for iPhone, not for free, but
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Innovation applied to risk prevention in a picture from the Netherlands

If we define innovation as the knowledge which is applied with creativity to reach a new purpose, even the most conventional objects can, if combined ingeniously, multiply their whole value until elevating them to the coveted concept of innovation. An example of this fact is exactly what I found whereas I was taking a walk in
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