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The United States healthy company model: Total Worker Health

The WHO has popularized the concept of the Healthy Workplace through their very interesting model published in 2010 which should be on the compulsory reading list in business schools. The model defines the “healthy workplace ” in the following way: “A healthy workplace is one in which workers and managers collaborate to use a continual improvement process to
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Healthy company v. disorganized emerging company

Disorganized emerging company is not a legal form of enterprise, or a denomination disseminated by government agencies, not even a trend that emerged from the public, but I could not think of another name for a title referring to a type of organization that is real: organizations that cater negatively to globalization and technological advancement.
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New Zealand creates a guide against workplace bullying

Workplace bullying is a daily reality for many workers worldwide. Also called mobbing, this is exercised through rumours, humiliation, isolation, and even intimidation by peers or superiors. The person who suffers from bullying, however strong, can end up suffering the consequences, with it being reflected in their own health. Symptoms such as introspection, fear of
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