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Healthy company v. disorganized emerging company

Disorganized emerging company is not a legal form of enterprise, or a denomination disseminated by government agencies, not even a trend that emerged from the public, but I could not think of another name for a title referring to a type of organization that is real: organizations that cater negatively to globalization and technological advancement.
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10 frequently asked questions about nanomaterials that all prevention technicians should know

1. Is an exposure to nanomaterials in the workplace possible? Yes. More than 1,300,000 products available on the market incorporate nanomaterials that encompass many productive fields: electronics, building materials, textiles, cosmetics, food, automotive, cookware … and so on. It is known that nanotechnology has an labour impact on workers. 2. Is there an obligation to
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Clever inventions: Portable Solutions for water purification

In every natural disaster that deteriorates, destroys or contaminates normal water supply systems, one of the main needs is providing potable water to citizens. Examples might be the Katrina disaster in New Orleans, the tsunami in Indonesia, the earthquake and the tsunami in Japan, where there is no shortage of water, but simply that the
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