Successful cases: Idesa. Safety culture as a client satisfaction guarantee

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There are already quite a few posts that we have published in this blog about the importance that internationalization has gained within the Spanish economic situation. Many of the companies in Spain, large and small, have found outside our borders an escape where they can develop, or at least, weather the storm. That said, today we revert our focus to speak to you about the particular case of Idesa, a Spanish company dedicated to the manufacture of large pressure equipment, among others.

In this case, it was the customer who requested the services of this Spanish company. The American company Chevron commissioned Idesa to manufacture and thereafter ship six large Cokes to California.


Example of coke manufactured by Idesa


The particularity of this order was the high level of requirements. We’re not talking about tight deadlines, imposing exorbitant objectives or unacceptable execution costs. Chevron is an American company with a deeply rooted culture of prevention at all levels, and this same commitment to safety and health is one that is required of its suppliers (although not for the entire organization, but for the team involved in service). This, as you can imagine, was a major challenge for Idesa, since they had to solve their management system for safety to jump on the bandwagon of a culture of safety. Still, the Asturian company agreed and was willing.

Process development

After closing the deal, Chevron sent some of its safety and health specialists to Idesa’s facilities. After verifying standards relating to quality management and safety and health at work (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001) and other certificates, the client conducted a safety audit on the Spanish company.

Previously, Chevron had already sent one of its project managers to Idesa’s facilities to provide a briefing to the entire team involved in the project. In this session, with a certain paternalism of everything inoffensive, he explained to the production team where the fruits of their labour would go, and above all else, the capital importance for them not to have a single incident, much less an injury, occur during the project’s execution phase. This is what Chevron bases their work on: using the System Incident Injury Free (IFF), a strategic commitment that is part of their safety culture, which aims at achieving the goal of ZERO INCIDENTS. Seen from this perspective, the mere idea of ​​accident prevention seems to be a concept that is somewhat ignored, not to mention inherently assumed.

Subsequently, the entire process would be monitored throughout its stages by local inspectors hired by Chevron. Maybe all this information sheds a little more light on the magnitude of the order and the high demands by which it was accompanied.chv

We must point out that during the implementation phase, Chevron raised the need to  transport the six cokes to California four months ahead of schedule for logistical reasons. Of course! As long as we do not forget the excellent work being carried out regarding the protection of the workers involved in the process. Idesa took on the extra challenge without compromising the three pillars on which the project implementation was grounded: Safe, Perfect and On Time Work, a slogan that could be seen in the company information posters hung throughout its facilities. Finally, the cokes could be transported in the new period without prejudice to the safety and health of the workers. As you can see in the screenshot, the transport of cokes on the roads of California could well be taken out of a Hollywood action movie.


IDESA achievements

As discussed above, the service was fully satisfied and in a period less than initially agreed. Still, this is just one of the success achieved by the Asturian company behind the completion of the project. There are many others that are listed below:

  • Improved scaffolding control system.
  • Active participation of middle management with regard to safety processes.
  • Improvements in inspection systems for lifting elements.
  • Weekly safety talks with the work teams: what we have found, what we have learned.
  • New basic safety notes (Informative SDS created by Idesa).
  • Changes regarding the communication of unsafe situations and incidents that involve workers to a greater extent.
  • Their culture of safety acquiring a new standing, taking it a step further.
  • Adoption of the Incident and Injury Free System.
  • A high degree of customer satisfaction that can open doors to new projects and customers in the United States.

These results have one thing in common: each enhancement is a surrounded by a milestone that has contributed significantly to increasing the current and potential value of a company.

 … Internationalization as a business opportunity …

… A culture of safety as a highly profitable investment …

… Safety and health as an ethical commitment that also generates returns…

Today thousands of entrepreneurs in our country still see safety and health at work as a cost or they even view it as a revolutionary tax. However, examples like Idesa and many other Spanish companies show us the true path to success.

At Prevencontrol, we well know the potential benefits that health and safety at work is able to generate, and we offer solutions to thousands of businesses that day after day find their particular path to success.


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