Being and succeeding self-employed in Europe is much easier and cheaper than in Spain …. an APP is also need for a change!!

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Becoming self-employed in Spain is an odyssey that is only suitable for the brave. It is assumed that there are approximately three million of these brave ones in Spain. The concept of entrepreneurship is very fashionable, but people often forget that for this you must be self-employed, and that it has associated paperwork, fees, taxes and steps that can become unattainable or unsustainable. It is even more complicated to know that legal requirements and the requirements for OHS in different countries.

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If we also add that they do not take into account the Safety Law, and that complying with the Coordination of Business Activities is almost crazy, working for others self-employed becomes an obstacle course without reference manual or instructions. However, it is not so complicated or expensive to be self-employed in other countries, and that is why we have made a compilation of what it takes to be autonomous in Europe and the US, and what it means to become one:

Now let’s take a look at Germany:

  • No fee is paid to Social Security if 1700 euros/month net are not exceeded. If 1700 euros are exceeded a 140 euros fee is paid.
  • VAT is not paid if you earn less than 17,000 euros a year. VAT is paid monthly (in Spain quarterly).
  • A health insurance must be paid (150-200 euros).

We continue with England:

  • We can do all the paperwork to sign-up from a computer.
  • You pay 12 to 58 euros per month (in pounds of course) in fees depending on whether you earn 7000 euros per year more or less.
  • There is no registration or VAT payment if you do not exceed 90000 euros per year in billing.
  • Taxes at the end of the cycle is paid based on earnings.

We start with our neighbors in Portugal:

  • They pay no monthly fee.
  • They do not pay VAT
  • A 24.5 percent tax refund is awarded on annual income.

Now let’s see the Dutch:

  • Simply submit a document signed at the Chamber of Commerce in the corresponding Dutch city.
  • 50 euros a year is paid and a compulsory health insurance of about 100 euros. Then the corresponding tax declaration.
  • There are other optional insurances

Our neighbors the French: (it’s one of the best places for those who are self-employed)

  • There are no minimum fees and you pay according to what you do and how much you make.
  • You can pay monthly or annually.
  • The first year you do not pay anything, and everything is regulated as of the second year.
  • And paying gives you the right to: health, retirement, temporary disability and survivors’ pensions.

And in Italy:

  • There are no fees. It is paid based on income. 20% of turnover, which is not bad.
  • This payment method allows for planning income, in order to adjust income to what you can afford.

Finally we cross the pond to see the USA:

  • It is extremely easy to become self-employed or“sole trader”or “sole proprietor”. You connect to a local website and in 20 minutes “presto”, you are a brave entrepreneur.
  • In the land of Hollywood and the big apple, you only pay based on income. 15% of your income.
  • As we know, the US obligates you to take out a private health insurance. A close relative can become a member too with a small fee.

And here, ladies and gentlemen, we have the business opportunity. Three million potential customers, who increasingly export their service to service nee an app (0.25 euros for example) that informs them of the paperwork, taxes, fees needed to be self-employed in Spain and other countries, and in turn know the law on issues concerning applicable OHS. This same basic app could allow for the identification of occupational hazards and (standard and generalized) preventive measures for each activity and based on work teams that are introduced. How many app’s like this are on the market or are advertised?? Looking, looking….



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    Im from Portugal. This post is completely wrong at least about Portugal. At Portugal taxes are very high, and you pay 30% of your income for social security.

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    Useless post. France is one of the worst places to be self-employed, especially if you need to subcontract. You are taxed on turnover instead of profit, so if 50% of your turnover goes to a subcontractor, you still pay taxes on money you did not earn. Crazy!