Do you still think you can ignore road safety at your company?

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Training drivers, middle management and executives on road safety, we have come to the conclusion that overall, we are  hired to train drivers when it is more important to train managers and executives.

Why? The driver, especially if a professional, generally knows   what is happening on the road   and with the resources available, tries to avoid problems in health, employment and safety.

However   many managers devolve all responsibility on the driver, thinking that from their position they cannot act outside the company. By contrast, those heading safety companies (and in production, sales, employee satisfaction, etc.) have an item in their   budget for road safety actions.


And when a company spends thousands of euros on training its staff, it cannot be expected to do it just for Corporate Social Responsibility, for fear of the Labour Inspectorate or company image. The company does it because it thinks it is necessary because of profits.

Do you have a group of salesmen?

We are talking about a multinational company with a group of hundreds of salesmen whose main tool is the vehicle. These salesmen have acquired thorough training on the products they sell and they have managed to retain a number of customers. Consider: How much is it? Not the irreversible loss of one of these salesmen because of an accident, but the simple   cessation of their business for a few hours   due to a traffic incident, a breakdown or victimless collision? Think of the consequences: neglected customers, postponed orders, contracts up in the air, …


Do you have technical staff?

Same example as above, but applied to technicians, whose training is equally demanding but they also transport equipment, instruments and tools with a high cost and sometimes in specially equipped vehicles for this type of work. How much does it cost when  a technician arrives several hours later   to repair a breakdown due to the battery not working, mobile coverage, water leak, stoppage of a manufacturing process because of a device malfunction, surgical intervention by mistake in the instrumentation,…?


Do you work in transportation?

Now let’s apply this reflection to professional drivers. If due to inadequate resource management a badly trained or informed driver transports their goods through a non-ideal route, delays may occur in the delivery, and risks of accidents, penalties, unnecessary delays may increase. How many hours are lost in   loading and unloading? And if you transport perishable products? Or dangerous goods? How much does it cost to   repair damage from a spill   of diesel in a river or sewer?


Do you provide emergency services?

Imagine needing an ambulance service. You hope that there is support behind them to ensure a quick and professional care and that the patient, if severe, arrives in stable condition at the hospital. It is critical for the company to have an effective management of these resources. It’s a matter of life and death. And what if we are speaking of fire brigades? They may only access a mountain safely with certain ATVs, applying certain manoeuvres, coordinated with other means. How much does each burned hectare cost?


Any clerks?

Could it be that a part of the staff travels by car to their place of work. How much does this travelling cost? And under what conditions do they arrive at the workplace if during the journey they have been stressed by traffic and the difficulties of travelling or the inability to find a parking space? Will they produce more if less time is used on the move for better mobility?


Perhaps you would be interested in knowing   what programs  some successful companies have developed to address the challenge of work road safety, or see how in their activity the use of vehicles are necessary and critical.

You may have come to the conclusion   that road safety can only be managed in large companies. Sorry, you are wrong. Meet the winning company of the PRAISE 2011 award:

Do you still think that road safety is not interesting for your business?

Learn more about the   popular resources to effectively manage implementing road safety applying   good practices:

And if you are committed to innovation in road safety …

Why not be guided by a   prestigious international standard   made by the world’s leading experts in the field? With a structured approach and based in processes,   ISO 39001

Do you dare try a new system that will bring the training to your home   and uses a modern yet effective approach? The Road Safety Simulator

Reflect, read, plan, ask, measure, schedule, but    do not continue wasting resources   by failing to address road safety.


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