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We leave you this interesting risk prevention campaign by Canadian SafeWork Manitoba:

“Spot the Hazard. Report the Hazard”.

Do you know any other interesting campaigns?.

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    David Pouchet

    Great approach and medium to transfer a more in depth awareness of Safety in the workplace. I recently worked for a Company very experienced in purporting a dynamic image to satisfy the surface interpreters ( the show and no go types). Those who would not even consider that every daily Company and Toolbox Talk meeting should include a 5 minute “Safety moment”, it was too much of a delay to timelines. When an incident of a certain magnitude occurred the Safety Advisor (if asleep) would not be awakened the RCA and investigation was completed all of a sudden by the Rig Manager and OIM, they all of a sudden became the Safety Practitioner, were given all the accolades posing as the qualified HSE Practitioner defying all established protocols. Safety moments cover incidents, commendations, prevention of risks escalating to a worst case scenario and impacting and reminding everyone daily that they had a part to play, after all 5 minutes is not an “Overkill”. Drilling is about “making hole” but having a “Wild West Attitude” towards Safety displays the limited intellect of the upper hierarchy who put those folks in those prestigious positions in the first place, remember the saying ” You can be a JACK of all trades but not a master of any”, think it originated in Longview TX. So let the HSE Advisor do his job and get backing 24/7 to help prevent some innocent worker get maimed for life due to some charming look the other way negligent or simply who does not know better type senior, they are dangerous and can be very wrong and strong. So Joaquim, you are contributing in a positive way, there are very Technically knowledgeable/endowed personnel on the frontline and Management Of Change may not be their strong points as thinking outside the box may not be a plus for them(“I been doing this job for 25 years”, never any proof or how many serious injuries and fatalities observed or indirectly caused by their teams, but always challenging improved Safety Systems). Do Company’s take time with the Safety Advisor and mentor him through an agreed accountable period(some mature one’s do)? I bet if they did the results will be nothing less than fantastic. They never take an Engineer in and say “OK hit the ground running” and results immediately! ASSets cost more than life….maybe? I hope your organisation gets to convince the majors that repetition of various Safety issues conveyed in a stimulating manner rather than some “know it all” with an egocentric monotone trying to be omnipotent without an inkling of training in teaching and assessing. The more graphic the better(everyone’s life is Computerised/Screen addicted) and showing actual occurrences has a strong imprint, I was reprimanded at that excuse for a job for showing the resultant hand injury to a worker who neglected using the proper PPE as it could have made “big strong men with tatooes” of skulls and guns all over their bodies nauseated. You also need to develop some clips about Racial discrimination in the workplace, bullying and how they are dealt with whoever the instigator is. We will get people to listen and learn hopefully before someone has to burn or the Environment and many hard earned businesses/families destroyed, like in the “GOM 2010 incident” I won’t even mention Alaska and the many who ended up in Mental Institutions due to greedy ignorant decisions, the preventable harsh reality and consequences. Let us work together to help eliminate the “cover up approaches and it would not happen to me attitudes”. Have Uni standards become acquireable by paying the costs and printing a downloaded thesis? That is one that will never be exposed, some pockets are real deep!