Smart Stress Project. A macro study of best practices in psychosocial risks management.

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There are many studies related to psychosocial risks, but most of them are based on the detection and assessment of these risks and very few go further into the world of preventive measures and much less so into their effectiveness.

On many occasions, we find that the assessment of psychosocial risks has no continuity and no preventive measures are applied. They are very simple to apply, but the problem of several companies is that it is often not clear what has to be done or how solving psychosocial risk factors should be addressed.

Finally, the indicators must be mentioned. How do psychosocial risk factors influence the accidental rate or absenteeism, and how much? Or, what has the greatest influence on absenteeism, communication or participation, or the leadership style? These and other similar questions have not been reliably answered until today.

In order to answer to all these questions, Psicopreven and PrevenControl have joined together to elaborate a macro study on the occasion of the present European Week for Safety and Health at Work, to make public this study and to welcome other companies to take part of this research that we call Smart Stress Project.


The aim, therefore, is to clarify and demonstrate with objective facts the influence that psychosocial risks have on health, and which actions have the most influence to set decisive priorities over different samples of population inside companies.


  • Conduct the most complete study and with the largest sample included until now in Spain on psychosocial risk prevention.
  • Know which preventive measures are the most effective in terms of psychosocial risks.
  • Know which risk factors have the greatest impact on absenteeism and accident rate.
  • Know how indicators such as absenteeism, accident rate, no. of medical visits or average length of sick leave, etc. evolve, following the application of different preventive measures.
  • Create a complete study to provide other companies with an example of good practices in psychosocial risk prevention.
  • Pave the way for other companies to apply preventive measures related to psychosocial risks.
  • Pool a large number of large companies to be able to extrapolate the results to different sectors.
  • Improve the quality of life of companies and lead them, via experience, to the path of healthy companies.

Commitment required from collaborator companies

The commitment requested is simply to provide information on actions that have been carried out in the company and that are related to psychosocial risks. We do not purport to give “homework” to the companies, so it will be the technicians from Psicopreven or Prevencontrol who compile the information during one or two visits to the companies. The following data are requested:

  1. Preventive actions or measures related to psychosocial risk factors. It is not necessary for the actions to be implemented based on the assessment. It is only necessary for them to be able to be associated with a psychosocial risk factor.
  2. Evolution of different indicators related to the preventive measure.
  3. Practical results of the preventive measure.

One or several preventive measures may be provided, as what we are looking for are success experiences and if possible, experiences that have been less successful. Each company may voluntarily select the actions it wishes to transmit to the Smart Stress project.

The actions published will not be associated with the companies, as these will be treated as group actions, grouping the actions in agreement with the associated risk factors, results or indicators affected. If any company requests the action to be associated to its name, this will be done voluntarily.

The results of study will be published at the project’s website. The project is framed within the EU-OSHA Healthy Workplaces campaign, dedicated to psychosocial risks and stress management for this 2014-2015 period.

Any interested company can join this project acceding to the next link.


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