La pontificación hecha por tierra todo el potencial de la gamificación.
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The term gamification is very popular now, and in this blog we have dedicated a post to talk about it. This results in the labour market are companies training their employees through games and not looking down on the method.

An existing form of playful training is serious games. It involves training games designed with a purpose other than pure fun. With the rise of gamification serious games are back in fashion, and there are many examples that have burst into today’s job market.

Last August at the 20th International Festival for Safety and Health Congress in Frankfurt, the Award for safety was awarded and a serious game won entitled Engagementgame within the multimedia category. Of the 290 projects around the world vying for the award, the international jury was unanimous in choosing this serious game as the winner.

This serious game developed by TNO in collaboration with other partners, teaches managers and team leaders to reduce work-related stress and increase the enthusiasm of its workers. A scientific study has shown that the most enthusiastic employees not only enjoy their work more than the rest, but are also more productive, have less absenteeism and perform their work more safely. If you are a manager or a person with people in your charge, this game is for you! Engagement allows managers to learn to motivate or, conversely, to stress the staff sometimes to an extreme, so as to learn to manage their enthusiasm and thus make the team more productive.

At PrevenControl we have developed serious games in the prevention of occupational hazards to playfully train the employees of our clients:

If you want to play and learn, we leave the link so that you can drive a forklift. Have fun!


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