Robots and drones: new allies in the world of health and safety

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Weeks ago, appeared the news about the use of a robot, ROBINSPECT  to inspect tunnels and their deficiencies. It’s obvious that advances in robotics become important for prevention and risk elimination at their source.

There are many useful examples that have demonstrated the improvement that means the presence of robots, as articulated arms in repetitive productive processes, high-raiser trucks in smart storehouses, automatic palletized arms and a long etcetera. But robots, and specially drones (aerial unmanned vehicles), are having a successful start within safety environment, and here we show you some examples of that gradual implication by little brothers of WALL-E and R2D2:

  • Presence of drones is more and more frequent when supervising safety in tall buildings construction, in big work area extensions (crops, farms, electricity lines…). Its remote control and its video camera, allows the continuous monitoring of skyscrapers or working areas  that involve huge extensions. Electric companies are already using it to inspection their electric lines and companies like Prevencontrol use it to supervise constructions and hard-to-access installations;
Image source: México CNN
  • Drones are also helping to improve safety in outdoor works, in insalubrious conditions, confined or hard-to-access areas or people mobility. For example, the use of these autonomous devices in high-mountain shepherding works or to control furtive haunting in jungles and wild meadows.;
  • Transport of sanitary and rescue equipments to zones with a difficult access is also an utility in development for long-distance drones, allowing saving workers and citizens lives;
  • Very useful for an effective implementation of Mobility Plans in business. Some important companies in services sector and hotel industries are beginning to think about the drones use to decrease or eliminate unnecessary staff movements or journeys to the central;
  • In Liverpool, drones have become a helpful and objective ally (little corrupt) in the exigent vigilance task of the city, helping already some detentions;
Image source: México CNN
  • In Japan, it begins to be a fact the implementation of partner robots for people in isolated works or jobs that require accompaniment or supervision. As examples, the robot PaPeRo in the company NEC  or the one that appears in the film “Robot & Frank”;

Apart from the spectacular but obsolete concepts brought out by science-fiction films like “Terminator”, the unstoppable advance of robotics can be an inseparable ally of Risk Prevention, without forgetting that companies will still need the human factor to give some soul to products, “without danger in our work place” and not “without danger of losing our work place”.


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