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The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OHSA) holds the European Good Practice Awards every two years for occupational safety and health at work.


Why do these awards take place? To recognize organizations that have made ​​outstanding and innovative contributions to health and safety, contributing to the safety and health of workers and the organization itself.

Let us not forget some facts:

  • Each year, according to Eurostat, more than 5,500 people in the EU die as a result of an accident in the workplace.
  • Every 3.5 minutes a person dies in the EU as a result of an accident or occupational illness.
  • According to the ILO, about 159,000 people die every year because of a work-related illness.
  • The total cost amounts to a total of 490 billion euros annually.

In its 11th year (2012-2013), the campaign was “Working together in OHS”.  52 projects from 29 countries were received (25 from the EU and 4 from the CEE). The following summarizes one of the winning examples:


AUSTRIA. Voestalpine Group

In Europe, it is a leading manufacturer of automotive components and operations in the steel industry, producing in 6 EU countries.

They developed a standard based on the “5S” approach, they established a safety criterion for purchasing machinery and an orientation plan for new workers, with the cooperation of all employees, middle managers and executives.

The particularities of each branch were also considered (for example, in Poland a video recreating accidents in relation to work situations that could happen in the future on the ground was prepared).


The group works on continuous improvement processes, checking whether each idea proposed is applicable in each branch. All proposals are visual explanations, where its potential application is assessed.  Below is an example of a graph for implementing a perimeter security system in a production area of ​​the plant:


What do you think? We will soon start a series of posts related to cases of successfully applying good safety practices.


The 12th contest is now open for: “Healthy Workplaces 2014-2015″ which will recognize businesses that have contributed ​​outstanding and innovative management of stress and psychosocial risks at work.


Other agency data about stress:

  • The national costs in France in 2007, due to work stress, are estimated between 2 and 3 billion euros.
  • In the UK, it is estimated that during 2009-2010 there were around 9.8 million lost work days due to stress-related causes. Additionally, workers averaged 22.6 days absent.
  • In Austria, psychosocial disorders are the main reason why white-collar workers seek early retirement, causing over 42% of all early retirements among this category of workers.


In your company have you actively fought psychosocial stress and risks in an innovative way? Show it in Europe!



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