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The company URSA (Uralita group), has launched a mobile application to obtain data from thermal insulation, acoustics and fire tests.


Specifically, the application can perform the following query or calculation activities:

  • Thermal insulation: calculation of coefficient U heat transfer.
  • Sound insulation: Acoustic test database.
  • Fire tests: database for testing the fire resistance of different solutions with URSA constructive materials.

The application is free on both the iPhone and Android and allows, even without an Internet connection, calculating the heat transfer coefficient U and the sound insulation of building solutions. It also allows access, from mobile phones, of a complete database for testing acoustic or fire resistance tests of different constructive solutions with URSA materials.

The application, which includes a link to the website of URSA Ibérica, also enables you to send the results by mail, with a short report detailing the solution used and the isolation obtained.

This application is easy to download in both the Apple Store and the AndroidMarket. Simply enter these words in the search: URSA, insulation, sustainable or EPD and proceed to download.


Source: http://www.g9arquitecturaigestio.cat/




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