More standards for management systems? Less bureaucracy, please

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Discussions between ILO and ISO about intentions of the latest to approve an ISO standard for certification of occupational safety and health management systems, which ILO considers are out of ISO´s competence, has something to do with a deep understanding of the business of certifier firms and the fight to define how things are supposed to be.

It´s a long story, starting in 1996 with the ISO´s initiative of creating a management standard which didn´t thrive, but influenced that about twenty organisations around the world had develop the first version of OSHAS 18000 standard in 1999. ILO published in 2001 its “directives…” and in 2007 was published the review of OSHAS 18000 series standard. This current year, ISO returned to battle together with BSI, hoping they partners to join the initiative answering its proposal before this june. We will have to wait the result of the enquiry done to ILO.

Nevertheless, the trade association already declared through ILO that the proposal is not necessary.


Things regarding management systems are so clear, in my opinion. Each organisation or factory is a whole world; trying to standardise the way to do the things is clearly extemporaneous: today, what´s required is doing the things right and, to achieve that, standardisation is often an obstacle.

The discussion is open.

More information: IOE Perspectives on the Development of an ISO OSH Management Standard IOE Member Communication (G-141): http___www.ioe-emp.org_index.php_eID=tx_nawsecuredl&u=0&file=fileadmin_ioe_documents_publications_Policy Areas_osh_EN__2013-01-07__G-141_IOE_Perspectives_on_Development_by_ISO_for_OSH_Management_System_Standard


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