Megaharvesters: emerging risks in forestry works

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In a previous post, my teammate David Mairal explained what “emerging risks” are and the content of this entry about risks in forestry works, during operations for feeling trees, may fit to that definition.

Until recent times and generally speaking, the main risks due to feeling trees works were associated to mechanical causes such as: cuts, hits, vibrations, trapping, falling, risks due to use of machine tools like chainsaw, the need to access certain areas in the workplace or the use of dragging and loading machinery.

Machinery enhancement has been increasing not only production, but also hazards and new harvester machines, as the ones in these videos, show these advances clearly:


Use of these “megaharvesters”, among others, evolve risks in forestry to which workers are exposed from those said above to those in which prevail ergonomics risks, fatigue due to working posture, repetitive movements, etc.. Psycosocial risks appear or increase such as stress due to the use of complex machinery, needing greater training and induction of workers. And existing risks such as vibration transmission suffered by the chainsaw operator have not disappeared but changed its source and level from a high frequency hand-arm vibration throughout the handle to whole body lower vibrations coming from the machinery through the seat or framework of the vehicle.


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