Make your office a happy place and improve productivity

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Can you imagine going to a music festival or a weekend away in Ibiza with your coworkers? It has been proven that an office with happy employees is much more   productive. A friendly environment, without stress and where relationships between peers and team leaders are cordial, is the ideal place for business success to develop. Many do not know how to achieve this although, as experts say, it is much simpler than it seems.

Every CEO follows certain parameters in order to encourage and cultivate a good mood among workers. James Berkeley, of  Ellice Consulting,  is one that rejects team meetings and the idea of creating a family with coworkers, arguing that they are “a waste of time”. As he explains, many small businesses do not have a team but a common goal that “should unite a group of individuals to work together productively.” Berkeley sides with not wasting money on “group therapy” and calls for   involvement   in all links in the chain from the manager to the receptionist.

“Give people freedom to act under their criteria, taking risks, that is to say independently, a part of the key to job satisfaction”

On the opposite side we find the opinion of the Director of   Purple Cubed,   Emily Moore. “It is important for smaller businesses to take their time in simple and easy activities but developing the morale of the employees. A weekly gathering for a drink or a joint celebration at the end of the year are good ways to socialize and strengthen ties, which will have a positive impact on the progress of the company,” he explains.


In addition to the activities that can be done to promote a good climate in the company, humane treatment is also important, from the top to the bottom. As indicated by an employee in a door knob factory, Bryony Harris, “it is not necessary to create a brotherhood when we all work in unity”. He explains that the value lies in understanding among colleagues where humanity is prioritized before work duties.

“Having a boss that lets you leave early if you have a doctors visit, for example, is something that the staff greatly appreciates.”

On the part of the managers, their strategy revolves around granting power and accountability to their teams. Encouraging people to work and put forth effort into a task, showing them confidence and giving them authority to manage themselves is an imperative road to success. Jerry Brand, CEO at  Caternet, says “having a clear direction, working hard, having listening skills and the ability to change as needed are essential characteristics of leadership that keep workers happy and motivated.”

Meanwhile,   Diane Coolican, manager of   Redsky recommends celebrating success as a team before embarking on a new project. That is the way to show appreciation for the work that has been done, given that it is a reward that goes beyond the growth of the company, involving the personal satisfaction of those who have been partakers of it.  Communication seems to be the key to making individuals feel part of a team, and there are many ways to promote it. “How about ordering a pizza for everyone while we finish a project?” suggests   Nicola Cook, CEO of   Company Shortcuts.19


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