Is it safe to wear flip flops at work?

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It is summer and the heat causes us to use cool footwear: sandals, flip-flops and other aquatic shoes. However, is it safe to wear flip-flops at work?

There are jobs where the risk of falling or slipping at a different level as well as the risk of collision with stationary elements, for example, completely discourage the use of flip-flops and sandals (not safety footwear).

In addition, a study by the U.S. National Foot Health Assessment reveals that 78% of adults over 21 years of age have suffered foot problems, and that is largely due to the use of summer sandals. By having only a thin piece of rubber as a support structure, this shoe does not absorb the impact with hard surfaces. Our feet, experts say, are prepared to walk on natural surfaces like grass or sand, so wearing flip-flops to walk on the road can cause us some problems.

On the one hand, since they are flat they cause knee, back and hip pain. Furthermore, they often result in blistering, and repeated use is associated with falling, ankle injuries, and broken bones.


However, it does not stop there since driving with flip-flops or barefoot increases the risk of an accident. According to a  study by the European Car Foundation , five hundred drivers confess that they have driven at one time with their flip-flops or they have even dared to go barefoot, a particularly dangerous habit as it involves losing surface support and sensitivity with the pedals. Similarly, driving with flip-flops deprives one of the maximum freedom of movement, they can be caught in the pedals, and we risk an accident by failing to act properly before a surprise. Although wearing flip-flops while driving is not banned, an agent could fine us if they think it limits our freedom of movement.

The CEA Foundation recommends using ergonomic footwear to be able to step on the pedals with force and precision. They must be flexible, strong, with support, comfort, and breathability.

‘Do not run when you wear flip-flops’, is also a biking initiative for safety and therefore, it discourages the use of flip-flops for motorcycles.

Do you have any doubt?

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