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In the world of marketing, infographics are a recurrent and trendy resource both in blogs or social networks. But in the world of occupational safety and work and risk prevention, they are in an early stage compared to its possible utility. And the best may be still to come.

If we take a look to the Internet, we can see that corporate webs from safety and health services and consulting have barely decided to use this graphic tool. It is true that some cutting edge OSH blogs start to incorporate some interesting infographics to illustrate some posts, but can we take more advantage of infographics with safety and health purposes?… surely it is possible, and here we show you some proposals that may inspire you:

  • Infographics themselves provide a great support for our safety courses and lectures, allowing an innovative shift compared to traditional and overused slides and Power Points. To project or display a well done infographic will give us an added originality which will attract the audience´s attention, even those asleep.
  • Some enterprises have already started to create infographics on incident rates for steering committees and meetings, including graphs and statistics and issuing a copy in paper. Not forgetting that copies may be delivered by e-mail. Watching incident graphs in this format with attached infographic illustrations in the chosen style (sober, fun, ironic,…) is a great tool to make an impact with our data.
  • What will our workmates think if instead of the usual and boring informative sheets you give a worked and illustrated infographic including the hazards in a fresh and different format?. More attention and a new reading are guaranteed. This new tool may help us to avoid it to be directly filed.
  • Chemical companies have already started to design infographics to show safe workflows, management diagrams and action guides. It is true that it requires a wider technical knowledge for its formal and sober design, but it gives a new visual aspect to the information (not easy to understand sometimes).
  • Finally, talking about diagrams, what if we post in our bulletin board an infographic showing the action diagram in an emergency event. It´s more visual, more accessible, more updated and even more fun.
new technology for safety for infographics design

Those inexperienced who want to get involved, there are web sites which may help you to create the firsts and simpler ones, such as or EaselyIf you want to go in depth about the fascinating world of infographics, we suggest to read articles like “5 tools for creating your own infographics“.

Want you to get a great point by creating infographics?.



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