If you want a pleasant workplace, do not use your mobile phone in excess

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The use of technology is so integrated into our society that we could never imagine living in a place without Internet access or having a computer at home. Moreover, how many times have we returned home, regardless of the rush we were in, because we had left our phone?

No matter where you look it is easy to find people walking while talking on their mobile, tourists photographing landscapes with their   tablets   or young ones taking selfies with their   smartphones. In fact, we could guarantee that the technological device that has the most presence in our daily lives is the mobile phone. In fact, Spain is the country that far exceeds the European average of mobile devices per person: 96% of Spanish people have one, 26% of users have two, and 2% even have three terminals.

Apart from the personal use to be given to these devices, in labour matters they have been a great support and a tool that today we could not do without. Check our email, send messages to colleagues or superiors, or conduct meetings by videoconference are some of the most common utilities applied to work offered by smartphones.

However, even though a smartphone is very useful in this respect, it is not always to the liking of others if we are constantly tied to our mobile companion.  Early work around this issue has already been carried out and the results are not very good for workers who are eagerly waiting to hear a beep. Employing smartphones in excess favours the emergence of strains that end up creating a bad work environment.

The data provided by the study conducted by the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business say that most superiors and colleagues with older ages consider it inappropriate to checking email or read messages in a meeting. Even some of these professionals maintain that the use of smartphones or tablets is on the list of behaviours to avoid in a meeting.

The following lists opinions in this regard:

– 86% consider it inappropriate to answer phone calls in a meeting

– 84% consider it inappropriate to write messages or emails in a meeting

– 75% consider it inappropriate to read messages or emails in a meeting

– 22% consider it inappropriate to use smartphones  in meetings

The reasoning for this vexation is given by the feelings of other people who are sharing a space with a worker who is dependent on their mobile phone. Whether superiors or fellow workers, they all agree that manipulating a mobile phone while others are talking shows a lack of respect and attention to the person who is taking the lead in a meeting. This feeling ends up creating a bad work environment that is more conducive to disagreements and misunderstandings.

We must also add that the opinions about this issue vary depending on the age of the person asked. Workers over 40 are the ones who as a majority are opposed to the use of mobile phones at work, while those who are younger believe that this activity is very normal.

There is a point we must bear in mind that the study we are discussing highlights: those who use smartphones  the most in these contexts are young people, whose careers and promotions are handled by their superiors, who as a general rule, are the older ones in the company. Therefore, they should monitor and try not to create an image of careless and inattentiveness that does not correspond to reality because of their constant use of mobile phones.

Helping to create a conducive working environment is easy if you use a smartphone in a controlled and respectful manner. Although some employers have already taken curious but effective initiatives to prevent distractions in meetings because of technological devices. A basket at the door of the conference room and a poster in the style of the Old West that says, “Leave your guns at the bar” along with a picture of these devices, it is a striking touch of attention. Few do not get the hint.


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