I work in safety and health… I need wi-fi, please!

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In spite of being in the 2.0 age towards 3.0, our cities still have a “Achilles heel” that everyone have suffered sometime. During our trips in holidays or work, we often meet the difficulty of finding a free WI-FI network to connect our mobile devices and in this way, view maps, guides, reference webs or send messages or pictures to our relatives. Isn´t true that this situation exasperate us in some measure?.

After all, nowadays, lots of offices of risk prevention services (external or corporate) or safety and health consulting in the first place, and our client´s premises secondly, still remain without WI-FI networks available for visitors or employees. Even, in those where 3G service is poor or doesn´t exist. According to this situation, I leave this general question to readers: Is it really difficult and expensive to replace the current cable Internet access for a parallel wireless ADSL and WI-FI network, allowing our workers and visitors to connect their devices?.

free wifi at work

For the low monthly cost it means, having an open WI-FI network should make possible to our safety and health consulting or services to do this:

  • Firstly, inside lots of offices in concrete buildings, where 3G net is often poor, thanks to this WI-FI network we´d make possible to exchange information and communication between our employees (whatsapp, emails,…), thus our staff won´t need to go always to workstations to get or send information. Let´s be honest, if theres is not 3G, our employees will look for it by any means, leaving what´s necessary.
  • Staff from risk prevention business could connect their mobile, tablets or laptops and save their 3G resources, which they should use anyway. In this times of savings and forced salary cuts, any reduction of monthly expenses for our workers will be an added incentive in their day-to-day.
  • WI-FI network may ensure certain continuity in work, whatever the employee´s location far away from his workplace. Our workers may keep receiving and answering e-mails even though they are in the technical director´s office or that day Internet shuts off.
  • Even more, our clients or visits may also connect to the Internet in reception or waiting rooms, by means of a password exposed in those areas. Imagine how well can that WI-FI work while our clients wait for a health examination and how good to our image as a 2.0 business.
  • Attendants to our training classes and seminars may connect easily and share information with their followers, without having to look for a 3G connection in our premises corners. Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook should be more prominent in our sessions.
  • We´d make easy playing videos and presentations uploaded in the cloud, as well as documents and images exchange between different devices. YouTube videos or Slideshare presentations should be an added instrument to share among instructors and students by means of the easy delivery of a link via email or whatsapp, with nobody having to spend their 3G service and saving paper for manuals or dossiers.

Nobody can deny that the Internet gave us a method to gain efficiency exchanging information more quickly. Complicating our employees to connect to a free WI-FI from the offices doesn´t bring higher productivity and less distractions, since 3G is always there. It is simply about make thinks and information exchange easier in a world more a more 3.0.

free wifi at work

Wi-Fi Network



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