How to choose a healthy diet eating out?

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Eating at home is easier for choosing a healthy diet. We ourselves buy the food that suits us and we cook it to our liking. However, most of us mortals do not have the possibility of eating at home for work, so we must take into account what we eat and what not to eat to avoid putting on a few extra kilos and developing possible poor nutrition with its related diseases.

No saludable

Many restaurants with set meals offer appetizing dishes but no healthy choices, so it is wise to choose the most appropriate options for our health.

The Spanish Society of Community Nutrition advices the following:

The following is advisable in a café or restaurant:

  • Opt for salads and/or vegetables as a side dish instead of the usual chips.
  • Among meats, choose those prepared with less oil: grilled, broiled, baked, etc.
  • Prioritize fish consumption.
  • Monitor the volume of the dishes: try not to order the same dish twice, and make sure that vegetables occupy the largest part of the plate.
  • Prefer fruit desserts and low-fat dairy.

Fresh salad

Some combinations of balanced dishes…

  • Rice salad + grilled chicken breast  +  baked artichoke + bread + fruit + water.
  • Seafood paella +  salad with tuna and boiled egg + bread + fruit + water.
  • Gazpacho + fish with baked potato + salad + bread + fruit + water.
  • Pork loin and cheese sandwich + fruit juice + yoghurt + water.
  • Grilled burger with melted cheese + tomato and corn salad + bread + fruit + water.

Your health and your body will appreciate that you have chosen this kind of food, at the same time helping you to avoid doing something like this video:


Source: Spanish Society of Community Nutrition




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