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There are a number of defects that directly affect safety and that are easily preventable and/or repairable before they become serious flaws or worse, they cause accidents.

For example, periodically checking a number of elements will prevent over 40% of serious defects in the Vehicle Inspection:

  • Lighting and signalling (position lights, brake light, turn signals, fog lights, low beam setting, etc.)


  • Visibility (mirrors cracked or support broken)


  • The condition of the tires (wear, blisters on the side …)


There are defects that may aggravate the consequences of accidents, that caused by other factors, could not have been avoided:

  • The condition of the tires: not only wear, but also the existence of internal damage that is revealed by the presence of blisters. Sometimes these blisters or wear are in the interior of the vehicle and are not seen by the naked eye but can be detected, for example, in the front wheels being turned sideways.


  • Brake system: sometimes the rubber tubes in braking systems burst when braking is done with maximum effort, which may occur in an emergency situation.


  • The state of the suspension parts: in the ITV, we find shocks with the supports broken, or that have lost their effectiveness, detecting with just a simple glance that there is an oil leak, or other items like broken sway bars, etc. Suspensions in poor condition lengthen stopping distances.


Restraint systems: safety belts must be in good condition and their anchorages must function correctly. In the ITV the anchorages and the automatic retractor is checked. As a matter of interest, making estimates in a collision at 50 km/h, the person is projected with a force that is roughly equivalent to 28 times their weight. This is what belts and their anchorages have to support.



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