How is a morning for a 2.0 Safety and Health technician?

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Risk prevention technician or advisors and Occupational Safety and Health professionals have, in general, evolved together with new technology, as happened to most of works oriented to services. The Internet and new devices have affected in a profession with relatively young professionals. To show and illustrate this with examples, we have think in making a simple description of what could be a common day for this new generation of 2.0 technician and consultants with more presence in our offices everyday.

  • 6,30 am: The alarm of our smartphone rings with no compassion, and makes our neurones to react in order to wake us up with attitude and slide our finger along the display to stop that hellish sound.
  • 7,00 am: We drag out feet towards the bathroom in order to get tidy and finish our activation. With the eyes now opened it is time to start our latest generation mobile phone to check residual or nocturnal whatsapps and the firsts e-mails of the morning. The firsts mails of mention platform appear with the notifications on our search keywords to our on-line contents.

Nuevas tecnologías en el trabajo - Mention te avisa

We check the digital schedule in our device while we have breakfast and read the alerts received by mail. As a background we have the news TV channel in order to know the breaking news before leaving home. We know that it is not right to get connected so early, but that´s how the 2.0 era is, with the risks that it means.

  • 7,30 am: We leave home with our briefcase full of documents, the tablet, chargers and cables. Once in our car, we drive listening a repeat of news on the radio,  hoping that no incoming phone call appears (which uses to be urgent) through the bluetooth hands-free system connected to our inseparable smartphone.
  • 8,00 am: We arrive to the office and after checking in on Foursqueare to make clear that we are punctual (and at the same time, keep our office´s virtual mayoralty) we check again the schedule to confirm appointments with clients and today´s priorities, clicking on the calendar icon in our device´s display.
  • We make sure that today morning we have a presentation with a new client, a risk assessment meeting and a training on road safety to sales agents, in this order.


We turn on the computer at our workplace and answer the firsts e-mails in the mailbox from clients, about visits confirmations, documents request, inspections,… We must recognise that the first working hour is really productive and goes quickly.

  • 9,00 am: Time for the indispensable morning coffee, where we can check our Facebook and LinkedIn timelines and new alerts, news and posts added to Feedly aggregator (we used Google Reader before), where we read the contents we like and follow. Don´t forget the tweets that Hootsuite manages with darling care.

Nuevas tecnologías en el trabajo - Mis post preferidos

A pair of likes and retweets and again a new check of personal mail account, while we discuss the plays and series with workmates, in front of the coffee machine or seated in the coffee shop, where we also have WI-FI and we don´t spend our 3G quota. This 2.0 rest time goes further, isn´t it?.

  • 9,15 am: We leave the office to meet the new spokesperson of our client´s list. We set the address in Google Maps app in our smartphone and we start the route before hanging the phone in its support. Once we arrive, thanks to our guide in the cloud, we do a Foursquare check in at the new company we meet.
  • 10,15 am: One hour later we leave the customer´s premises after leaving our recycled plastic business card, which holds all our corporate data contact: corporate web, e´mail, facebook page, Twitter account, Skype profile and LinkedIn). At the same time, we exchanged our contact data via whatsapp (doble record way) in order to make the communication easier. Now, we go to the following task of the schedule.
  • 10,30 am: In the same town we must perform a review of the risk assessment from a little furniture store. We check our arrival in Foursqueare and enter together with our spokesperson and prevention representative with the PDF version of the assessment in our tablet. We take photos of machines with our smartphone (do you remenber when we used digital cameras, which later downloaded at office?). We take notes in our notes app, and ask the client to send us a list of machines and chemical products via e-mail in order to arrange it all. To advise the prevention representative about some doubts on machines directive, we use 3G connection and EU-OSHA webpage.
  • 11,45 am: We arrive again to office where the sales agents are waiting us for its safe driving and road safety training we prepared the day before. We take our take to access Google Drive (store in the cloud) thanks to the corporate WI-FI and open our presentation. We plug in the HDMI cable to the huge TV in the training room and the firsts slide is displayed.
  • 12 pm: With strict punctuality, as shown in the tablet clock, we start the training session and introduce our Twitter profile to the learners and the hashtag #roadsafety where attendants can opine and discuss about the course. We combine slides with some infographies we created with, and some videos from our Youtube OSH channel on accidents and safe driving, which has some comments. 2.0 courses tend to use more and more this interactive and digital model.
  • 14 pm: The course ends and we collect the questionnaires while we check in Hootsuite the hashtag to read the comments. There are good and bad comments, but despite of being painful (or raging) they are useful in order to improve our presentations. We come back to our desk to check and answer the latest e-mails in large display (computer) and we go for lunch. We contact other workmates by means of the whatsapp group and arrange with a place to meet today and satisfy the hunger.

This doens´t finishes yet, but that´s why we have plainly describe how may be any morning for a 2.0 risk prevention technician or OSH consultant. There is still pending the afternoon at office and evening at home which, if you are interested, we will describe in further posts. Do you identify yourself with this description? Or you think it is sic-fi?


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