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Disorganized emerging company is not a legal form of enterprise, or a denomination disseminated by government agencies, not even a trend that emerged from the public, but I could not think of another name for a title referring to a type of organization that is real: organizations that cater negatively to globalization and technological advancement.

It does not have a specific name, but these organizations are clearly identified within the emerging risk factors for priority research for the European Union in the 2013-2020 period.

Technology, globalization and the changing workplace world

The impact of technological advances in the world of work is clear, to the point of creating a new kind of worker that is more victim than recipient: the E-Nomad.

e_nomadAs is the case with technology, a misunderstood globalization may be counterproductive, both in production levels as well as the safety and health of workers.

When this occurs, beneficial things such as flexible working, “just in time”, a reconciliation between personal and professional life, or the restructuring of the organization, become practice in working 24/7 days with continuous availability, with a high workload under time pressure, poor planning and often  professionals in charge convincing more for their scarce financial claims and their compliance with than these poor working conditions.

In summary, deteriorating working conditions, an attitude of survival among company workers, unsafe and unhealthy working environments that ultimately materialize in high exposure to psychosocial risks, psychosomatic disorders (depression, stress, sleep disorders), absenteeism and presenteeism and musculoskeletal disorders arising from inadequate working postures. A perfect habitat for the E-Nomad.

The healthy company as a solution

The answers to these harmful situations are developing, highlighting the positive occupational health psychology: one capable of making a positive professional commitment, a sense of accomplishment through work and welfare in the organization.

It means completely turning around a negative environment through innovation, leveraging the strengths of workers and optimum job performance.

All these clues lead back to a concept that we have already once spoken about in the blog: the healthy company.

The anti E-Nomad works in healthy companies. Looks like this:

happy businessman

I think it’s worth it. And you?


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