Health and Safety Coordinator: Practical and free applications for document management

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Document management and control in the coordination of health and safety on construction sites is a task that seems simple, however, in practice it becomes tedious. The lack of certain documentation does not allow entry or labour at the work site for certain employees or contractors.

Thinking about the matter and in order to avoid delays in access or work permissions for those contracted or any worker due to a lack of any documentation, which no one ever likes or is satisfied, I thought of combining some tools and setting up a system that personally I think works very well and does not involve additional costs. The only thing you need is a   smartphone and some free applications.

To start, I replaced sending documents via email, for a shared folder in   Dropbox, a free application that facilitate the availability of documentation in a more agile way, which also allows the coordinator to provide necessary documents and contracts related to safety on site.

dropbox app

Using a smartphone has allowed me to have access to all this documentation immediately, easily and orderly (from creating different folders) by means of the Dropbox app, which works with all major types of smartphones (iPhone and Android). In this way I can walk to the job site and review the required documentation and take appropriate decisions, avoiding delays in access to employees or subcontractors.

However, it is also important to share with those involved annotations from the logbook and other information that the health and safety coordinator makes available to the contractors or property, also using Dropbox to share that documentation. Therefore, in the shared folder I include the minutes of approval of plans, safety instructions, the minutes of the logbook, etc.

With the phone I can take photos and share them with the Dropbox app so that, right away, they are available to the parties. And if written on site (minutes, notes in the book, instructions, etc.), I decided to use a free application for smartphones with a scanner function, for example   CamScanner, with versions for both iPhone and Android.


This allows me to scan any documents and share them immediately in Dropbox to inform the various parties (contractors, subcontractors, property, etc.). From this application you can retouch scanned images, generate PDFs and upload them to Dropbox in a few steps and practically on the spot.

In addition to data collection and monitoring weaknesses, risks and certain preventive measures to take in the different visits for coordination at the site, at Prevencontrol we have also developed a very useful tool. It is   Apptualize, which allows you to make completely customized data, in mobility, with geolocation functions and available for any mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc..). In another post I will explain in more detail the features and uses of this tool.

I hope this simple conjunction of ideas and applications will help in managing the coordination of health and safety on the job site as it is helping me. Now the only thing missing will be work 😉



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