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Surely you will have listened or read something about one of the next digital gadgets of Google, in glasses format. It is Google Glass, although other manufacturers have also developed this technology. PrevenControl took part on may in a conference showing the possibilities of this technology of which Joaquim Ruiz, CEO of PrevenControl, talk about frequently.

The ingenious device is already being tested by lots of organizations from various sectors all around the world: from banks, to hospitals and healthcare companies.


Julián Beltrán, from Droiders, and his Google Glasses during the conference organized by PrevenControl

One of Google Glass main features is the capacity to be hands free used, with voice, allowing to browse the internet, take photos and record videos from our eyes point of view with a simple voice command. It also allows to read text and watch displayed images without needing to stop watching one´s surroundings.

Indeed, in this post we try to go a step beyond, showing some new applications which this or similar devices may provide to OSH professionals and risk prevention in general.

From the point of view of safety improvements at workplaces…

– Our cervical bones will thank the postural improvement that this gadget will bring, avoiding anatomic deviations which nowadays come when using mobile phones, since it allows to use the device without bowing the head and tipping with the fingers on a screen.

– Extended use of this intelligent device will allow to walk down the streets without avoiding pedestrians reading messages and looking to their displays while walking. Lost of concentration of pedestrian when crossing streets will also strongly decrease.

Hands free found with this intelligent glasses will also add an improvement in the balance and the support with upper extremities in case of falling or tripping.

– To improve life quality of older people, disabled or physically handicapped in upper extremities, who will find the advantages of a smartphone with no need to use the hands.

Road safety improves exponentially, since distractions while driving for watching the GPS or answering a call will substantially decrease, as they will be built in the glasses.

From the point of view of safety improvements at workplaces…

– Technicians and consultants will connect simultaneously with other OSH professionals, sending their real time comments from their eye´s point of view. That is, we will show in real time via skype or other video-conference apps the unguarded machine in front of us to several workmates in order to get and discuss their opinions.

– These visual intelligent devices will make possible to record and broadcast conferences  in real time, seminars and OSH training sessions, without needing to get anything with the hands and give it to different learners and followers in other locations. Also, some hospitals already broadcast real time surgeries by means of Google Glass, answering live doubts remotely with other specialists.

– With Google Glasses or similar devices we will have the chance to complete or detail in real time the information we provide in our meetings or courses, with the content we have previously searched, which will be visible and readable on the glasses´ cristal-display.

– We will be able to make in situ” preventive consults by voice, reading on the screen with no need to write face to face with our interlocutor. An image or code seen with our own eyes will be easier to describe with only taking a view.

– To send other recipients, via mail or digital messaging, photographs taken from the human point of view.

– Among the world of health examination, it will allow to file medical checks of workers as database of aptitude reports.

– And, above all, get the help of a virtual assistant to carry out any work, as shown in this video:

For sure, we will see more advantages of these devices when they came to our hands, showing that what it was fiction movies or cartoons, becomes a personal and professional reality. Do you know any other application on occupational safety and health from this device?.


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