Good safety practices. Success stories: Engro Fertilizers Ltd (Pakistan)

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We continue with our series on good safety practices with Engro Fertilizers Limited (formerly Engro Chemical Pakistan, LTD), which belongs to Engro Corporation Limited and is the second largest producer of urea fertilizer in Pakistan, producing 2.3 million tons of urea fertilizer per year.

The Engro chemical plant is located in Daharki in southern Pakistan. It has 1,113 employees and almost 100 subcontracted companies working daily.



  • Fertilizer production with urea requires the use of ammonia and carbon dioxide, which is why there is a particular risk of fire and explosions, in addition to outgassing.
  • The plant is located in a rural area with limited access to higher education, making it difficult to obtain skilled workers.
  • Communication and training within the company became difficult due to the large number of local languages ​​spoken by the variety of employees, a fact that was a very big challenge for the organization.
  • The laws and safety requirements established by the Pakistani government are not very restrictive, therefore if a company does not have a firm commitment to the safety of their workers, there safety is not guaranteed.
  • During the 1990s, Engro’s management was based on health and safety practices from Exxon, in force since the 1980s.

In 2000, Engro decided that it was necessary to change their mentality, to achieve the highest international safety standards, by means of an investment in its greatest asset: its workers.

Good practices carried out

Engro decided to transform their safety practices, and in this line was helped by an external consultant to conduct its first HSE audit, which took place in 2003 and in which workers participated from all levels of the organization.

By means of the analysis of the audit, solutions were proposed in two major areas:

  • PROCESS SAFETY, through changes in operating procedures.
  • PERSONAL SAFETY, especially focusing on adopting a safety culture.

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  • Workers from senior management and upper managers were educated in order that they could train all personnel on an ongoing basis, in addition to conducting daily safety management.
  • All employees were taught to daily self-assess their own safety practices.

 Definition of values

  • The safety and environmental policy was translated into all local languages, ​​ published and visible in all areas of the plant.
  • Security has become one of the five core values ​​of the organization


Integration of Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) into HSA

In summary, (since we could spend another series of posts describing the operation of this work system), the organization adopts an approach based on intervention in safe behaviour by means of the human factor at all hierarchical levels (from the “front line” to management).

These are initiatives that have a proactive approach, encouraging an individual and/or group work, the ability to speak and participate in incident assessments (and accidents), to determine their behaviour as safe or unsafe and encourage a change of behaviour through feedback.


Conduct audits

Compliance in conduct safety audits carried out by the company improved by 42% between early 2006 and the second quarter of 2009, reaching a total of 57% in the quarter and 100% compliance at the end of 2009.


Accident reduction

The improvement in the safety prompted a change of 14 injured in 2005 and 17 in 2006 to just 7 injured in 2007 and 4 in 2008 (a decrease of 76% between 2006 and 2008).

We must point out that the four injured in 2008 included only one lost workday and the total injury rate recorded was reduced to 0.28 in that year.

Starting in 2009, we can note the accident data in the following table:

safety incidents data

Data from 2013 Annual Report for Engrofertilizers

 Total Recordable Injury Rate among employees for 2013 was 0.16 compared to 0.22 in 2012, which demonstrates the continued commitment of the company towards the implementation of best practices.


Other commitments

Engro Chemicals is now affiliated with the United Nations Environment Programme and has also participated in the Global Compact programme from the UN since 2006, demonstrating its commitment to human rights principles that support the health and safety of people at work.

the global compact

In addition, through the foundation I Am The Change, whose motto is “real change begins when people come together to take collective action”, promotes activities to improve education, health and reduce inequalities and poverty in Pakistan.

The culture of prevention is completely integrated into an organization within a very poor country with regards to safety in the workplace. What do you think?


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