Four large social networks unexplored by professionals in health and safety

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It has become clear to us all that Twitter and Facebook have become visualization platforms for companies in the world of occupational health and safety. Mutual insurance companies, external prevention services, and consultancies have been fully launched in these two social networks with more or less intensity and criterion. Some because they think (wrongly) that they must be there just to be there, and others because they really have seen the usefulness and they deftly handle them. However, in addition to these two we have mentioned, there are four major social networks where the presence of entities linked to OHS or preventers with their opinions is symbolic or testimonial. Big mistake, though some do not think so.


Networks that do not like ORP

– Google Plus: True, it has not become what was expected, and there is little involvement of prevention professionals (like me), and prevention is a rarely seen topic. The involvement of brands in the world for prevention in this social network from Google is residual and with premortem symptoms or containing walls of content with temporary gaps (very sporadic publications). Large external prevention services and mutual insurance companies may be present tending to routine and  self-praise repeated without a definite aim. The interaction of large preventive companies with their employees or followers is outright poor.

– Instagram: Nothing here and nothing there. I invite you to search for the hashtag #OH&S in this network and you will be able to see chairs, some personalized self-photo, and other subjects far removed from safety and health. Perhaps, as happened to me, you would have expected to find some retouched PPE image of the latest design, a panoramic view from a scaffold or platform lift, or even a photo of a group of people attending a training or seminar … but it has not been possible. For users or brands of safety and health the function tends to zero. However, in Facebook, the presence of safety negligence images appears to have its  place  and clan of followers. What if we move this trend to the social network for those passionate about photos?

– Foursquare: If we analyse the queen of geolocation social networks, we see that the headquarters and offices of the main prevention companies have not captured with clarity and forcefulness their corporate brand. Instead, we will find geolocations generated by employees or users, without the companies having provided a touch of marketing or corporate image that could correspond. This social platform (with more followers everyday) can be a good tool for self-monitoring and management of staff, if handled with certain criteria, but at the moment does not look like much or anything in the world of health and safety.

– Pinterest: In my view, one of the great missed opportunities of this group given its social networking possibilities. Although it is a favourite for e-commerce and online catalogues, it continues without permeating the world of services. Hanging in our board posters or other aesthetic and synthetic infographics on preventive issues (handling of loads, postures, noise effects …) within the fields of education and health, can be useful for getting a step ahead of preventive brands. To demonstrate this shortage, it would also be illustrative to enter the words “orp” or “risk prevention” in the search box on this social network, and you will understand the scope of work available in this platform.

When considering whether it is convenient or not to post a brand in a social network and which is the most appropriate, I would focus on identifying and defining clearly the content of each social network before completely quitting it. Perhaps there can be some benefit if we use it with care, persistence, and minding the looks of the profile. Certainly, not all can be useful, but is it possible that the world of health and safety has deviated too much from some of them?



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