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Perhaps one of the actions that is missing the most in our society is educating children in preventive aspects, and even more is missing if we talk about risk prevention.

Although it is relatively common to see awareness campaigns targeting adults with children asking their parents to make use of protective equipment and follow safety rules so that nothing happens to them, finding campaigns or actions aimed directly at children in order to achieve preventive habits and occupational health in themselves is rare.

However, it is not all bad news, because although they are not very common, there are companies that implement such actions.

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Coincidentally, with the XXIII edition of IFEBA Iberocio in Badajoz being held these days, I have discovered that among the activities and workshops held at the fair aimed at children and youth, there is a ”Children construction” area where  children used huge plastic bricks to construct their buildings.

The activity to which I am referring primarily has a recreational purpose, rather than preventive, so we must recognize and thank the sponsors (Construcciones Pozo Prieto y Proigua) for the “mandate” to children involved in the activity in the use of Personal Protective Equipment.

Watching these children putting on their little helmets and vests before entering the construction zone, I began to consider the question: Would it possibly be more effective that the children simply understand that when starting certain activities, using specific protective equipment is required for this activity?

It would therefore be a direct association. No obligations. No demands.

Just to show that putting on the helmet and vest is part of the “building game”. The small and incredibly absorbent brains of children assimilate this behaviour as normal, and later, when they begin their working lives, it would just be logical for them to check the protective elements they are going to need before they start their work day, since they have been doing so regularly.

I think it is important to applaud these actions by businesses because with a minimal investment (10 or 20 vests and helmets), the social work and awareness that is achieved is overwhelmingly positive.

During this time of the year, where good professional and personal resolutions for the new year pile up in our thoughts, it would be interesting to book a small space in our schedules to record a simple purpose: This year I am going to do an activity aimed at young children in which safety is part of the game and not something added that is foreign to them.

I hope it sets an example.




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