Double standards at the European Union regarding Labor Safety and Health?

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At this point, surely almost of us working in occupational risk prevention, are informed on the new published by The Guardian, saying that, according data of latest months, it is foreseen that about 4.000 workers will die during the construction works for the 2022 football Worldcup.

It seems that a high percentage of deaths will be due to heat strokes and other terrible safety conditions. In many cases, these deaths may be avoided.

This video by Equal Times, shows the story of a worker who went to Qatar and finally leave the country. Bide Majakotias tells about working conditions he suffered everyday and the lack of help from relevant authorities of his home country.


It is true that according to Council European Directive 89/391/ECC, of 12 June 1989 on the introduction of measures to encourage improvements in the safety and health of workers at work, “…Member States have a responsibility to encourage improvements in the safety and health of workers on their territory…”, that´s sure.

However, I ask myself a question: Gets or will get EEC or any official body or any corporation based on EU any benefit directly or indirectly from these construction works and the celebration of this world event?.

And I do not refer to european companies carrying out works at Qatar, since generalise in such dramatic case should be an regrettable mistake and I am convinced that maybe lot of these companies develop their works perfectly from the point of view of safety and health.

I refer to EEC benefits: TV rights, advertisement, merchandising, etc.

responsabilidad social union europea - foreign-workers

It doesn´t seem reasonable that those supporting the works doesn´t watch working conditions, regardless these works are made in “their territory” or not, since they get profits from the results of those works.

Is not a double standard case?. 

To be honest, I think this a usual worrying issue in many countries, and that we should start to take seriously.

Do you think this is a double standard situation or do you think EEC can´t nor ever must do nothing since it is out of its responsibility?.


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