Do you know what a perfect curriculum vitae of risk prevention specialists must include?

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Nowadays, it is paramount to apply a good image to your curriculum vitae, and an innovative design is always useful:


But perhaps the perfect CV may be something like this more or less:


Indeed, the perfect curriculum vitae for professionals of communication.But what about a risk prevention specialist?. I will tell you what we think the perfect curriculum of a risk prevention professional must include:






N O T H I N G!


The perfect CV does´t exists!. Now, this is LinkedIn.

As our friend @ergow says in one of his lasts posts, the main Spanish expert in technology and social networks, Enrique Dans, indicates this:

“Some still think that CV is something written, printed and sent by post. NO, your CV is in the Internet and whoever appointing or thinking in you for any professional chance, will surf the web and check what have you made, what you wrote about, where is your brand in the Internet. That´s the real worthy time investment.

It can´t be said more clearly. Curriculums say a lot, sometimes not true at all, vague or difficult to demonstrate. Additionally, despite of a brilliant CV, competences may not fit to a specific job. There are rubbish engineers at some tasks and philologist expert in engineering.

How can we show our competences, skills and knowledge?. In the Internet, but mainly in LinkedIn, in your personal blog as a complement to increase learning and Twitter or Facebook profiles to spread your visibility.

More than simply staying, in LinkedIn you must be remarkable. Why?. Because it is the finest professional network (more than 160 million users in 200 countries) and is a perfect tool for networking. Many people consider it as a place to upload your CV in the net, but LinkedIn is much more than this. Much more!. It can be the decisive boost to strengthen your personal brand. If you make a correct use, of course. Depending of the way you show what you are, people will get a view from you.

5 reason why you must be in LinkedIn:

  • Curriculum vitae. The opportunity of showing your virtual CV and be seen provides an add-on to your professional image. It´s easy to manage changes and are immediately shown in your public profile. Traditional curriculum requires a regular redesign and this is bothersome. You know what?: In the USA business schools and universities are starting to publish their digital diplomas as a budget, like medals in LinkedIn profiles, certifying its authenticity.
  • Personal brand. Showing your professional achievements correctly makes possible to get a specific and differential professional brand. Personal branding covers from choosing your profile photo to how you define yourself in the bio, recommendations,…. You must learn to sell yourself!. A thing to take into account: Don´t ask your folks to write false recommendations in your profile. This is a unlikely favour. Transparency first.
  • Networking. The chance to connect directly with safety and health professionals is a powerful opportunity to take advantage of. As well as being informed, in real time, of all updates. A think to take into account: LinkedIn allows direct messages to most of people in the network. But be careful, to contact an individual you must convince with you capabilities and skills. Being a contact does´t means a person will offer a job. Like everything, this requires a huge effort and dedication.
  • Groups provide specific information of a sector, as well as advises, news, events,…. Participation in groups is paramount to boost your visibility and show your opinion as an expert and/or occupational safety and health specialist. To take into account: Most of headhunters surf along groups searching for influencers to be included in selection processes as candidates. It is important they to see the groups in which you are, how is your participation, your writing, your opinions, in which languages, etc..
  • Companies. Lot of are not already aware about the business opportunities that may reach in LinkedIn. Its presence in the social network allows to spread information about products and services, design free marketing strategies, make contact networks with employers/partners/clients and be informed of sector/competitors news. You know? It is important to to see what is happening in LinkedIn and detect the needs that our company may cover. The network provides useful tools that can help to find new clients: LinkedIn Ads publishes services and products of companies and LinkedIn Events promote some seminars or specific events, i.e.. We can also offer our services and products in groups, but with moderation and care as we may become spam.

What do you think? are you ready?.

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