Daredevils: High location professions, risk professions

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Do you know what a daredevil is? The definition itself is not bounded but the meaning, which the term encompasses, refers to people who put their lives at risk by carrying out an extreme activity. This designation includes many people: from climbers to tightrope walkers crossing distances balancing on a rope located tens of meters high, as well as fans of jumping from bridges and mountains or enjoying extreme speeds behind the wheel of a powerful vehicle. The funny thing is that these people record their exploits to post on the Internet either in video or in photography.

Millions of people visit these posts and there are even video lists on the Internet of the most striking daredevils.

There is a profession that all fans of this type of media indicate as a profession   of daredevil   par excellence: the stuntman or a specialist in stunts for film and television.

One of the best known in this area is the British   Eddie Kidd, famous for his high jumps on the back of a motorcycle and a long career as a film specialist. His credits include his roles as a Pierce Brosnan double in the films that he played agent 007. However, despite his experience and all the preventive measures stuntman took to protect himself, Kidd had an accident in 1996 while on a motorcycle jump. He was 37 years old. After emerging from a coma that kept him unconscious for 3 months, Kidd was confined to a wheelchair with irreversible brain damage. In 2007 he was able to regain control of a moped for a show and was even carrying the Olympic torch at the Olympics in London 2012. His career, his achievements and his way of life after the accident have been reflected in a documentary that captures a life full of risks.

What is unfortunate is that we can relate these daredevils to some professions that are much more common that daredevils.  Window cleaners, reviewers of powerlines or telephone structure riggers are considered by many Internet users as   daredevils. And the truth is that they are not wrong.

In an article called “20 Breathtaking Instagrams By Daredevils” we find a list of Instagram photos that literally take our breath away. Snapshots from different users were taken from the air and beautiful landscapes are in contrast to the dizzying perspectives of the ground. Not for the squeamish.

Among these 20 images, include photographs of a 22-year-old   Jonathan Charbonneau, who lives in Montreal and is an erector telecommunication structures. Just knowing what his profession is, we can get an idea of ​​the views that he can capture from his usual workplace.


Other profiles that attract attention in this regard is that of Peter Anderson, also from Canada, with a picture of his feet while hanging from a crane taking a break at work to eat a sandwich, emulating the famous   New York workers   in the construction of the Empire State Building.


If the issues involved in OHS are of utmost importance in any workplace, in the case of such extreme professions that we have commented on, any action is always small. Each has specific guidelines to follow, although the risk to workers, considering that most of their day is passed hanging hundreds of metres from the ground, is always latent. The fact that some come to equate this work with extreme risk sports should make us reflect and evaluate the work of all those who every day put their lives at risk to carry out their workday.

For those who want to see photos of this have only to look under the   hashtags   as # longwaydown. And those professionals with perspectives of heights worthy of being photographed, now you know where you can share and publicize the risk of your daily schedule. That is, if the pictures are always taken with caution.



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