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One of the issues that   Timothy Gallwey   drew attention to the most while teaching tennis, as reflected in his book   The Inner Game of Tennis, was the difficulty that some students had hitting the ball.

In the minds of these students, they heard the teacher constantly telling them to “raise your arm, do not move your feet, go with the ball” and they forgot the important thing. Their minds were concentrating on assimilating and following the instructions and they forgot the purpose, the real objective, of hitting the ball.


I think in this time of crisis, something similar is happening with some   work positions, which some call “non-productive”, for example those relating to risk prevention, quality and others. Some have completely forgotten the purpose of these posts, and focus on observing, monitoring, and analysing the movements of the members of these departments.

A few days ago, a very close friend told me that he had a small confrontation with his direct boss. This person works as an OHS technician in a major company.

His direct superior, the Head of Production (a fact that I found tremendously striking and incompatible if … ), said that due to the reduction in workload and work centres currently existing in the business, it was necessary to  “monetize their position,” and therefore should be implemented by performing “productive” tasks, and if safety problems arose somewhere, they should take care of it. Meanwhile no.

In my Mancha region we have a phrase for this,   “Bread for today and hunger for tomorrow”

More Wood!

The great Groucho Marx, made that clear. If we burn the wagons trying to reach our destination, we will have nothing at the end of the road.


Yes, it’s true. Now there are fewer workers and workplaces to attend to,   so now   it’s time to differentiate and develop.

Now is the time to   demonstrate what the values ​​of the companies are. To demonstrate that these prevention, quality, environment and social responsibility policies, cheerfully signed, are not simply worthless.

Now, there are fewer workplaces and fewer workers to attend to, so it’s time to  review and modernize the work procedures. To do all the things that couldn’t be done before since there was no time to carry them out.

Now that there are fewer workers, it is the time to improve their training, to accompany them in their jobs and   carefully observe and assess their needs. To chat with them, to attend to them, to hear their proposals.

Now is the time to   implement new methodologies.

Now, exactly because there are fewer workers, it’s time to work with people, make them aware and   get them to modify their unsafe behaviour   that considerably worries us.

Now is the moment to invest in this time that was not available to us previously due to the volume of work.

Now is the moment to get the wagons in better condition than they were before, not to burn them.


Because when companies begin to grow again, and they will grow again,   these workers will serve as a reference and example to the new additions.

Because   the new workplaces generated will do this with the basis of the experience of the innovations and improvements implemented   in those that survive the crisis.

Now is the most important point of all, the most crucial. The time to be clear that what we want to do is hit the ball, and forget about the body parts that carry out this movement.

That time has come, and it depends on all of us to not throw away everything we have achieved.




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