Clever inventions: Portable Solutions for water purification

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In every natural disaster that deteriorates, destroys or contaminates normal water supply systems, one of the main needs is providing potable water to citizens. Examples might be the Katrina disaster in New Orleans, the tsunami in Indonesia, the earthquake and the tsunami in Japan, where there is no shortage of water, but simply that the water is not drinkable.

One of the easiest, small, and ingenious systems I’ve seen is the one developed by the British company Lifesaver   with their   Lifesaver Bottle. The Lifesaver Bottle incorporates an activated carbon filter, a pump system and water purification technology that eliminates or reduces a broad spectrum of chemical residues and micro-organisms (viruses, bacteria, parasites, etc.) that non-potable water contain. This easy to carry bottle has a replaceable filter cartridge that allows the purification of 250 litres of water. The same system is also available in a container format that allows for greater autonomy.

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I have included this Ted talk that demonstrates its operation:


And for a more extensive and complete explanation, here is a link for an entire conference:


In parallel, a Catalan company based in Terrassa,   Optima Renovables, based on the idea of desalination plants, has developed a portable water treatment,   H2OPTIMA, which is solar powered without adding any other product. The equipment is intended for use in emergency situations in places without an electricity supply, so that in a short time it can be shipped and installed at the site required, achieving between 500 and 7500 litres/day.

The process is based on ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis depending on the application. Ultrafiltration purifies contaminated fresh water, with low-pressure reverse osmosis for purifying saline water, and high pressure reverse osmosis for purifying salt water.


Don’t you think this is fantastic? Water is becoming increasingly scarce and in the coming years global warming is going to further exacerbate this situation. It seems, therefore, that this is a   emerging risk   and before oil prospectors oil the future. Do you have the same opinion?



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