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Get healthy: take advantage of your work position to climb stairs!

Our environment is full of opportunities for unplanned physical activity, we simply have to incorporate it into our daily routine. A good example is climbing stairs, that is, using the stairs to move from one place to another, without taking the elevator or escalator at work, at home, in large buildings and warehouses, clinics, government
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Best Practices in a Safety Culture: BASF Safety Champions

Within the series of best practices in a safety culture drawn from the Safety Culture and Best Practices Guide that we have developed for Foment del Treball employers, today we will talk about BASF “Safety Champions”. BASF is the leading chemical company in the world: The Chemical Company. Its portfolio ranges from basic chemical products, plastics
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The impact of training, can it be assessed?

Every company, when planning their training activities, determines what must be their specific objectives and the improvements and outcomes they want to achieve with the substantial investment of time and money invested these training activities. Safety training can be easily divided into two parts: The acquisition of knowledge and skills, which, to be an effective
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