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I suppose you all know canadian TV show Just for Laughs, a humorous series in format of hidden camera joking about surprising issues while recording the reaction of people.

Just for laughts

Just for laughts hasn´t sound, not even dialogue (except short sound effects and laughs), so it is shown along a lot of countries and airlines, since it doesn´t needs translation. I found it in Iberia airline TV channel and the truth is that I always loved such manner with which I have been laughing a lot.

Jokes are international, therefore they are fun everywhere, but thinking on its typology, it attracted my attention that safety at work is one of most repeated issues. In general you make fun but if you think on people suffering an accident, maybe it is not so fun.

Then, I ask myself: Is everything fair for making jokes?. Must we take the drama out of the event and make a little fun of it all?.

Here you have a collection of these jokes:

Ladder fall:


Scaffolding collapse:


Crushed man:


Worker´s fall:


Fall into a container: 


Worker´s fall II: 


What is your opinion?


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