Can children help to find preventive solutions?

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One day during our family holidays last summer, we had a slight incident in a restaurant. My 4 years-old son touched unintentionally a glass of water, which fall to the floor and broke in a thousand pieces.

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In light of this situation, the child told with all her hearth: “glasses shouldn´t be made of glass because it brokes!!“.

This eloquent comment reminded me a good practice and excellent idea applied in Silicon Valley, USA. All of us know about the sincerity and special view we have in our childhood, life is different, much simpler and easy than seen when we become older.

Why not to take advantage of this great virtue to solve problems?

That´s what they thought in Silicon Valley, where some companies invite their employees´ children once a month to be a whole morning visiting the workplace and watching where they parents work, asking the reason of everything. This good practice works perfectly, not only to create an engagement, but also to detect those faults and solutions that only children can see.

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I ask myself: May this practice applicable to find solutions in risk prevention at work?. I´m sure. Isn´t it?.

What do you think about this?.


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