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In the last post of this series, we analyzed the increasing use of bicycles as a healthy alternative for going to work, being this growth given especially in cities.

Moreover, facing this upward trend demand, there are increasing more and more technical and technological contributions created to make much safer our bike journeys.

Technology: always forward

From the beginnings of the bicycle until today, this transport means has seen evolved its presence but not its essence: it’s just a couple of wheels that turn by action of a transmission system with pedals propelled by dynamic energy. However, we are living in the era of change and each passing day are many more the contributions given to the bike.

In this direction, and because prevention is our profession and purpose, we have focused in those innovations destined to decrease accident hazard and the user’s defencelessness:

  • Cristina Ogazón, lawyer – and now inventor too – from Barcelona, has registered a simple system to affix the helmet on the bike’s frame. It permits the user to not carry up an extra load (helmet) when is on foot, ending then with the main reason that argue its detractors.
  • Another innovation is the using of LEDs as lightning element in bicycles: it gives to it a larger illumination, with an antireflection light and it supposes a reflector with a high energetic efficiency. Remember that a deficient illumination is one of the main accident causes on bike. Not only are being used as illumination element, as a reflect element too. It’s about seeing and being seen!



  • The laser cycle path. It consists of a little device installed under the seat that projects a laser light to both sides over the road. It’s a very useful tool to make car drivers having an exact perception of the safety distance they have to keep.

seguridad en bicicletas

  • The black box for bicycles “Rideye”. Yes, you read it well. It’s a little camera posted on the handlebar that registers the journey in high definition. Its purpose is being able to analyze what happened in case of accident.

This device would permit to dissipate many doubts about the consideration of an accident as “in itinere” accident, because it makes possible to see if it happened in the house-work-house route and to see if the worker acted in an imprudent way or not. The Rideye is still in project stage but if it’s all right, first ones will be commercialized this Christmas.

From Prevencontrol, we let you a little list of preventive measures in the using of bicycles:

  • Use of helmet
  • Frontal light and taillight
  • Use of reflective clothing
  • Keeping safety distance with vehicles and pedestrians.
  • Right use of cycle paths.
  • Riding by the shoulder if it’s passable.



PrevenControl es la firma especializada en seguridad y salud laboral que propone soluciones eficaces e innovadoras para la mejora del negocio y la reputación de sus clientes a través de la consultoría, el uso de la tecnología y la formación.

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