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New Zealand creates a guide against workplace bullying

Workplace bullying is a daily reality for many workers worldwide. Also called mobbing, this is exercised through rumours, humiliation, isolation, and even intimidation by peers or superiors. The person who suffers from bullying, however strong, can end up suffering the consequences, with it being reflected in their own health. Symptoms such as introspection, fear of
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Healthy companies with the help of good humour

OHS experts are paying increasing attention to the concept of a Healthy Workplace as a key to creating a healthy and safe place of work. Workers performing their tasks with a positive spirit and with satisfaction helps create a better work environment and increases productivity. Good humour is a way of approaching the day that
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Working from home, where does OHS fit in?

It is increasingly common for employees of large companies as well as people who work in different locations as freelancers to work from home with a system called “remote work”. The data states that 44% of Canadian workers carry out jobs that are compatible with working at home, with 12% of these working a full
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