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Being and succeeding self-employed in Europe is much easier and cheaper than in Spain …. an APP is also need for a change!!

Becoming self-employed in Spain is an odyssey that is only suitable for the brave. It is assumed that there are approximately three million of these brave ones in Spain. The concept of entrepreneurship is very fashionable, but people often forget that for this you must be self-employed, and that it has associated paperwork, fees, taxes and steps
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Four large social networks unexplored by professionals in health and safety

It has become clear to us all that Twitter and Facebook have become visualization platforms for companies in the world of occupational health and safety. Mutual insurance companies, external prevention services, and consultancies have been fully launched in these two social networks with more or less intensity and criterion. Some because they think (wrongly) that
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How is a morning for a 2.0 Safety and Health technician?

Risk prevention technician or advisors and Occupational Safety and Health professionals have, in general, evolved together with new technology, as happened to most of works oriented to services. The Internet and new devices have affected in a profession with relatively young professionals. To show and illustrate this with examples, we have think in making a simple description
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