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OSH_cloudtagI´m sure I´m not the only one who gets sometimes into a mess when writing in English about occupational safety and health and refer to it with abbreviations. You know: H&S, OSH, OHS, OSHA, OSHAS, EHS, OSHAS 18001, HSE, OH&S, EH&S,… HAAAAALT!!.

Knowing these safety and health acronyms is basic, but this doesn´t mean that are clear at all, specially if English is not your mother tongue or you aren´t used to write such terms in English.

This is a simple but necessary post just to arrange these “letters”. Starting with the simplest:

Finally, there are variations such as H&S (Health and Safety), OH&S (for Occupational Health and Safety) or EH&S (for Environment, health and Safety), that mean the same than the basic HS, OSH and EHS but with an elegant touch.

I think that is all… or do you know any other way to refer to it?.


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