Amazing video: Do you know how can a lift be healthy?

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Today´s society has evolved towards a lifestyle not very healthy tending to the emergence of illnesses as obesity, heart diseases, stress, depression,…

To deal with all these issues, every day appear new initiatives related to a healthy lifestyle, from the a healthy workplace model like this by the World Health Organization, to quotidian proposals as the campaign by Coca Cola against sedentary lifestyle.

This video points out the amazing lift invented by Coca Cola with the aim of changing statistics showing that in 2030, 58% of adult people will be obese due, among other reasons, to an increasing sedentary lifestyle. To start changin that, Coca Cola has invented a new lift…


This advertisement is part of a marketing and communication campaign that Coca Cola launched last march with the participation of Publicis and SCPF communication agencies, which have produced commercials based on these four commitments:

  • Raise AWARENESS on sedentary lifestyle;
  • PROMOTE a healthy lifestyle;
  • GIVE a free calorie chance for every product;
  • COMMUNICATE honestly and with transparency.

What do you think about this idea?


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