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Boston Dynamics company from United States, developed for US Department of Defense a humanoid robot to test the performance of personal protective equipment designed for dangerous environments.

Petman trying on personal protective equipment

The humanoid, named PETMAN, is an anthropomorphic robot with natural movement so well made that balances and moves free, walks, bows down and recreates a wide range of gestures. In addition, its built-in sensors in the skin detect chemical leaks through the clothing.

PETMAN can also simulate human physiology when wearing personal protective equipments by means of temperature control, humidity and sweat in order to provide realistic test conditions.

This video shows the initial tests of the invention trying on a chemical protection clothing and gas mask.

It seems like a real person and, despite walks like “Terminator”, the truth is that the machine is quite well conceived. Hopefully it won’t be used with military purposes.

What is your opinion?


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