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Days ago, a friend of mine told me he had a job interview for an important banking corporation.

After all the interviews, tests and exams, the director asked him to go to his office.

When he came in, there was another person in the room.

The director explained:

– Look, Mark, this boy close to you got the same university degree, same master, passed the tests like you and in the interview he impressed me like you also did and I don´t know how to decide who of you will get the job.

– And?. My friend asked while the other boy moved the head.

– I won´t decide, but a more important person will.

The two candidates looked to each other.

The director phoned the receptionist:

– Mrs. Brown, can you please call Robert?.

Minutes later, a man with sad gaze and an identification badge in the shirt entered the office. Both candidates realised that the man was the building janitor.

The boss told him to get closer:

– Robert, -told him-, these two boys aspire to a position in the company management, but I don’t know which one must get the position. Can you help me?.

The janitor, without a doubt, pointed my friend. “He”, told the man.

– Any reason?, asked the director.

– Because each day he came to an interview, told me “good morning” when entering the building.

 Maybe this is not the health and safety we know, this doesn´t saves lifes, but it is the attitude that encourages you to make an effort at work and do it more pleasant and come back to home with a smile in your face and explain a joke someone told during the brunch and you have, for a moment, forgotten all the papers over your desk. And, I´m sure that with the joke, you don´t know why but it seems there are less papers.

Enjoy the little things of life

Recomended reading: The Janitor, by Todd Hopkins and Ray Hilbert



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  1. Oscar Roijals

    Oscar Roijals

    Nice post, Oriol.

    These words “good morning”, like these other magic words: “thank you”, may I help you?” … are words from the heart, words coming from strong and positive values wich emerge as a visible and true word with the aim of engaging and creating an environment of trust…. this is a true HEARTFELT leadership attitude (and belief) …..

  2. Avatar

    carlos barrena

    Stories like these speak to attitudes, attitudes that a person has. Colin Powell when he was Secretary of State once visited the basement parking area. Cars were parked by parking attendants. Powell asked the attendants, all immigrants, How do you decide who gets their car first? the ones that say good morning, they are the first, they responded. It is attitude and recognizing that other people are people, not just some janitor or parking attendant. Many CEO know the names of the their employees and greet them by name, of course huge companies it is difficult to do this, the point is this recognition can go a long way to get your car first or for employees to follow you and your decisions.