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Great was the discovery of this application, if we are just talking about one application. 

Asana offers a cloud service available from any desktop, tablet, or smartphoneI had been looking a long time for a tool to manage universal and free projects. There are many, from the applications that are responsible for managing your to do list to the incomprehensible MS Project.

However, focusing on the free apps that seamlessly communicate with all your devices, I was not aware of any that could create subtasks within a process and that in turn could assign them to different users: -and I repeat, being free-

We are now light years ahead with the discovery of asana:

It is a simple web application that allows full management of a project. It also has applications specially designed for the iPhone and iPad, which are always synchronized.

Asana allows you to:

  • Register a project.
  • Assign different properties to the project such as a comprehensive definition, the total completion date, attachments of any kind in the cloud that are relevant (original information, etc.).
  • Assign main tasks, which may be linked or not to a user or group of users.
  • Assign subtasks to a specific user or group of users…
  • Assign the same endless project properties to a task or subtask…

That’s right, all you can imagine being part of the project managing process, you can do it.

Asana is only available in English. However, it is not necessary to master the language, but rather to understand a little to quickly understand the meaning of all the options.

I have not particularly gotten used to the design of the application, but certainly its visual simplicity hides great potential that this application gives you for free.

Whatever the type of project you need to manage,  I am sure that it will cover almost all your expectations. Try it! It’s free.


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