8 facts that will help Twitter to improve OHS training

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OHS professionals all over the world have already started to use Twitter in their safety and health seminars, lectures or courses. In this post we are taking the liberty to show you some examples which hopefully may inspire you to use it in your sessions and, at the same time, improve the preventive learning of attendants. Keep in mind that 140 characters may be very useful if used properly.

  1. It is not strange to see how some spokespersons in preventive or specific training sessions start by introducing our Twitter account (@sugranyismes) in order to make mentions and, even, create and suggest a proper “hashtag” on the matter (#OSHTools for example) grouping tweets by all the participants in the session. Not all the attendants or learners will be connected, but the ones connected will get involved individually or in teams.
  2. Synthesis ability required by Twitter may be a good tool in order to promote that our learners keep in mind and summarise the main concepts of the preventive training on Hand Tools that we have just given. If we meet that they insert the hashtag suggested initially, we will get a traceability of the training and brief summaries from our students, with date and hour. Students will choose also whether doing it by public tweets or by private direct messages.
  3. By means of the proper hashtag, as the one previously suggested, Twitter may become a bulletin board prior and/or last for our OHS training sessions, where we can inform on the topics, final conclusions or further calls (i.e. keep in mind that in monday 25th #OHSTools session will be addressed the use of cutter / once finished the #OSHTools course in october, you´ll be called to #OHSHandling).
  4. Tweets may become an interactive and unique element for assessing the learning on given OSH topics. We leave a question verbally or via Twitter linked to our hashtag, and students answer in that moment or later within a set deadline. This assessment still gives us that referred traceability, which may be very useful in the future. (i.e. question: #OHSTools may scissors moved without a sheath in pockets? // Answer: #OHSTools To that aim there are toolboxes).
  5. Don´t forget that speakers will answer and students will check, via tweets, the doubts that students want to do once the session is finished, if students link their questions to the hashtag or mention the speaker username (i.e. @sugranyismes I forgot to ask if tools must have CE mark). An option will exist to do it privately by Twitter direct messages.
  6. One of most common features, is using Twitter to comment and argue a real time opinion on OHS training learning sessions or specific seminars given. Once more, it is paramount that we have given our username in order to be mentioned and the hashtag in order to group tweets with opinions (i.e. #OSHTools what a boring topic statutory requirements zzz!). These opinions may be useful to the speaker in order to correct deviations in real time).
  7. This social network, and regarding the previous point, may become a brilliant platform for discussion on any preventive topic outlined in our session, for shy attendants or students, who prefer not to comment or ask orally in front of mates.
  8. It makes possible that third parties follow up the learning session. The emphasised hashtag (#OHSTools), will allow third persons such as prevention representatives, staff in sick leave, responsible or managers to follow and interact in the OHS learning session, if we consider appropriate, although they will only read public tweets, since direct messages will be between the teacher and the student.

Do you know any other Twitter features to apply in OHS training or seminars?

using twitter for training


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