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“Fastening the seatbelt saves life” is a probed and known by everybody fact. Even more, it is considered the most effective passive safety system ever invented, including airbag, malleable bodywork or any other today´s technical advance.

However, it is paramount to fasten the seatbelt properly, as shown in this advertisement from FORD Motor Company:


We have collected 4 nice and stunning campaigns which, using different advertising technics, are useful to spread the need of fastening the seatbelt without any explicit images.

1. Belgium. “Heaven can wait. Belt up”. This commercial got 8 awards at Cannes festival.


2. Mexico: “Fasten the seatbelt”. Until your family doesn´t reminds it, you are not aware about it.


3. United Kingdom: “Embrace life”. One of the best. Simple bur very suggestive.


4. South Africa: “Seat belts really do prevent injuries”. The best advertisement about the advantages of fastening seat belts ever shot.


What do you think about it? Which is your fauvorite one?.

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